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DateAuthor/TitleDocument Type
2008Garay, Barna and Simon, Peter L.
Bifurcation analysis of an oscillatory CNN model with two cells
2008Garay, Barna and Chua, Leon. O.
Isles of Eden and the ZUK theorem in R^d
ISI Article
2008Garay, Barna and Csikja, Rudolf and Tóth, János
Some chaotic properties of the beta-hysteresis transformation
Conference or Workshop Item
2008Bánhelyi, Balázs and Csendes, Tibor and Garay, Barna and Hatvani, László
A computer-assisted proof of Sigma_3-chaos in the forced damped pendulum equation
ISI Article
2008Bánhelyi, Balázs and Csendes, Tibor and Garay, Barna
A computer-assisted proof of chaotic behaviour of the area preserving Hénon map
Conference or Workshop Item


DateAuthor/TitleDocument Type
2010-07-05Csikja, R. and Garay, Barna and Tóth, J.
Chaos via two-valued interval maps in a piecewise affine model example for hysteresis
Conference or Workshop Item
2010Garay, Barna
The Euler-Poincaré formula for systems with hysteresis in two dimension
2010Colombo, G. and Feckan, M. and Garay, Barna
Multivalued perturbations of a saddle dynamics
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